About us

We are a young breeding company who researched all good points in 1, giving thwww.slotsups.com/ wild gambler slote best treatment to the dogs, and 2, giving the most possible to the customers, we succeed at both.

We live in the countryside with a small land big enough for the dogs and a small lake where dogs are free to play.We are less than 1 hour east of Ottawa and less than 1 hour 30 mint west of Montreal.

Our 3 creeds test:

  • Healthy dogs guaranty
  • Best dog treatment
  • Unequaled customer experienc

Why we choose Labradors

We chose Labradors breeding because Liliane, one of the two owners, had a Labrador all her youth age and her love for Labradors never stopped. Liliane and Miguel had dogs all their lives with such a passion that we decide to make a job with it. Our animals are like our cwww.slotsups.com/ wild gambler slothildren and we treat them to make them happy. Our Labradors are a joy and a pride.

We have a full-time job of breeding Labradors, we take care of them all day long. Our breeding is in a farm beside our house. Our Labradors are in a good climate and rarely alone.

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