Get ready to receive your puppy

You are almost on the point to receive a puppy. Puppies may leave their mother at 8 weeks.
Bringing a puppy hope is a memorable joyless, exciting time of your life for you and the family. The puppy will become a part of the family for life. A trusted companion will be with you every day. The best friend of many people.

Before you get your puppy, you need to be prepared. All the home welcoming information of the puppy is here. Fallow our advice and you will start a successful life with your Labrador.

Take a pen and a paper and make a checklist.

Established the puppy’s rules

  • Go on the bedis forbidden or not?
  • Are you going to put baby gates in front
    of the stairs, doorways, or door the first
    year? Labradors develop hip problems if
    they use the stairs too early.
  • Will it have a distance establish between the table and the puppy at a meal?
  • How many treats the puppy can havedaily?
  • Can the puppy eat table food?
  • Where the puppy can play?
  • Where the puppy is going to eat and drink?
  • What game is allowed to play? Keeping in mind that the puppy can’t jump and run with you until the puppy is 1 year old.
  • Where the puppy will sleep?
  • Where will be the crate?
  • Go on the sofa is forbidden or not?
  • Will the dog be inside or outside only except in winter in cold temperature?
  • Does the puppy have the right to jump on people?
  • Are there off-limits rooms and room that will need the door closed?
  • Will the puppy have the right to drink in the toilet?
  • Is it forbidden to go to the front door when it open?
  • Does the puppy have the right to lick?
  • Does the puppy have the right to run in the house?
  • How will be punished the puppy?
  • Where will be the bed of the puppy?

Organize a puppy’s schedule

    • At the beginning the puppy will need to go outside at every 2 hours. The first thing to do in the morning is going out with the puppy, after the work too and in the evening. Give at least 3 times out a day of 20 minutes each.
    • Plan the time to play with the puppy. Between 10-30 minutes a day depending of his age.
    • Plan the time for the puppy’s training and what will be teaches. 15 minutes a day.
    • Plan the time to go for a walk. Between 30 minutes to more than 1h depending of his age.
    • Plan who will clean accidents, clean a pee accident or clean the puppy’s area?
    • Plan who will do the grooming. Brush, teeth, ears once a week, claw once a monthand bath once every 6 months.
    • Plan who will bring your puppy to the veterinarian?
    • Will you bring your puppy swimming? If yes…
    • How will you socialize your puppy and who will make it:
  • See other animals
  • See other people
  • Go in public
  • See children
  • Other experience
  • Different noise
  • See other environment


  • Prepare your puppy services
  • Kennel
  • Dressing school or class
  • Dog day care
  • Grooming
  • Veterinary