• The last update of the website is XXXXXXX XX XXXX.
  • See details of the puppies under the “Home” page and see what includes the sale, the warranty, the price, the terms of purchase, the delivery, the veterinary care received, the payment and the reservation process under the tab “Puppy”.
  • The names given to puppies are temporary to distinguish them, puppies do not obey this name and you can change it without problem.
  • A deposit of 200$ is required for a reservation (it is non-refundable).
  • The puppy costs 1300$ (including the 200$ of reservation and the taxes).
  • You can pay 200$ to book the puppy, the balance when you pick up the puppy or making payments by connecting to this site where you will see your new balance right away, you can also pay by cash, by debit, by credit, transfer electron online, PayPal, money order or check (money must be received before you leave with the puppy we don’t take checks the day the puppy goes. There is a fee of 50$ if you pay by credit or debit on the breeding or delivery, online transfer interact and credit card online are free of charge.
  • You have two months to pay in full the puppy after his birth or two months if he is alive from the day of the contract, if the puppy is more than 2 months you have 1 month to make the payment in full.
  • We will send you within 24 hours a written reservation contract. You will receive another receipt for your purchase immediately after the payment.
  • You will create an account by completing the reservation, you can participate in the blog, receive on your account the picture of your puppy and make secure payment online. (I have to enter the name of the puppy with the name of the client who has an account and all the pictures on the puppy’s page are sent to him, I will take more than once the same name for a puppy so it have to be just for one sell).