Our puppies

Puppies are free to go to their new owner at the age of 8 weeks. At this age, our puppies are well socialized, they are kind and healthy guaranteed

All the puppies have been atthe veterinarian twice when they are ready to leave their mother. Puppieshave all had an exam, they arevaccinated, deworm and come with the registration papers.Their vaccines received are what isrecommended. We sell healthy puppies and if the vet detects something we inform you before the purchase. Our puppies come with a written health guarantee for up to two yearsguaranteed


  • Puppies havestarted eating food at XXweeks
  • Puppies eattwice a day
  • Puppies always have wateravailable insideand outside.
  • Puppies eata quality food named XXXXX.

We created a notebook where we tell you everythingto know when havebought a Labrador puppy.We put on the website 1 page of the notebook, this page tells you how to be ready to receive a Labrador puppy.

Our puppies’ occupations

Puppies are free to run inside even when they are not outside. Puppies have toys specially to learn to chew a toy and not the material. Puppies are trained to do their needs on a pee pads.
Each puppy receives human attention to be familiar with humans. At XX week, the puppies play with us.
Starting at XX weeks, the puppies go out every day, if the weather allows it, in a place with a fence.
If you are looking for:

  • A good
  • Healthy
  • Well-treated puppy
  • With good parents
  • ood companion to your family for life

You are in the right place.
By choosing to buy a puppy at Limia Labrador you make a quality choice.