Price and purchase conditions

1300$ taxes included. A deposit of 200$ is required for a reservation. The deposit comes with a contract. The deposit is not refundable unless the dog is not available on the scheduled date, in which case the deposit is paid or the buyer receive another puppy.

All dogs are examined by the veterinarian, vaccinated, dewormed, tattooed and comes with a written guarantee.

All dogs are socialized, eat hard food, use to cats, trained to use pee pads and use to toys.

Come see our bespoke set in bargain in our shop. In our shop, you will find all you need for your puppy.

  • 1 Healthy Eight-Week Purebred Labrador Retriever Puppy
  • The puppy’s registration papers
  • Certificates from veterinarians certifying that parents do not have dysplasia (hip and elbow problem)
  • Copy of parents’ registration papers
  • The puppy’s health record signed by the veterinarian of his vaccines and dewormers to date. Also include information about your puppy and the next appointment to the veterinarian.
  • Puppy’s Pedigree
  • Health guarantee written on a contract including: 1- 7 days of health of any kind. 2- 2 weeks on diseases and viruses except dispenser which is guaranteed 21 days. 3- 2 years on hereditary and congenital defects.(See “Warranty” under the “Puppy” page for details.)
  • A photo album
  • Pee pad
  • XX Toys: to chew, X balls (X small for puppies and X big for adult labradors), doggie, Frisbee, rope, game that skeck and a blanket.
  • Bandana
  • Food bag
  • Bags of treats: small treats of training, treatsmedium and treats to chew
  • Bones to chew
  • Practical notebook by Limia Labrador that explains everything there is to know about the adoption of a laboratory. An overview under the page “Our Labradors “under” Notebook ” where yousee what to do before you welcome a Labrador.