Reservation process

You can reserve a puppy online, by phone, email or by a visit.

  • A deposit of 200$ is required to reserve. The deposit comes with a written contract. The deposit is not refundable unless the puppy is not available on the scheduled date, in which case the deposit is refunded or the buyer receives a puppy from another litter.
  • A written contract is sent by email, hand-delivered in the breeding or mailed. You can pay an amount by logging on to this site and you will receive invoice each time including your amount paid and the balance. The puppy does not leave us before the total payment.
  • Pictures of the puppies reserved will be taken each week to show their evolution (to see the photos of the puppies click on…or you can subscribeand we will send you photos of your puppy)

For each sell we will ask you:

  • What way you want to take possession of the puppy. Be picked up at the breeding, be in Montreal or Ottawa during the day of free delivery or by paid deliveryat any time.
  • How you want to pay to be sure you are aware that using our debit or credit machine or costs 50$ more.

Steps of Reservation process

For a reservation of a dog that has a future mating planned or if the dog is pregnant:

  • The reservation is made by you choosing 1, the parents of the puppy, 2 the color of the puppy if desired and 3 the sex of the puppy if to desire.
  • If we do not have this puppy available would you like another color, another sex, wait for the next litter with the dates we will provide you or if you want a refund.
  • After the mating, we contact you to give you the expected dates of delivery.
  • After delivery, we will contact you to give you the date of taking possession. You will choose which puppy you want according to the booking order. The photos of the puppies will be on our site, you will have a day to make your choice and to communicate it to us. We will make an appointment if possible to pike up the puppy.

If you book a puppy already born:

  • You tell us its temporary name.
  • When we receive the money from the deposit, it is reserved for you.
  • We will make an appointment if possible to pike up the puppy.

If you reserve online:

  • A You will receive a receipt immediately and in 24h a written contract.