Why buy a Labrador

Congratulation on an intelligent choice. The Labrador retriever is the best dog you could have. The most popular breed in the world. It’s the most popular dog in Canada since 1995. The best family dogs you can have. Let’s see why the man best friend got his reputation from.

What does he like to do:


-Sport             -Relax            -Hunt            -Retrieve

-Swim            -Run                -Play              -Be in the nature

-Walk            -Cuddle


Good with kids and babies. will be part of the family. Won’t be a decoration Good for the first dog
Adapt to all types of master With exercise, he may live in an apartment Good with other pets.
Good with old person Love to be with his owners anytime of the day. If you bring him somewhere he will stay close.
Perfect size for a family. You can hug him. Make us a better, more complete person.
Good with strangers. They make you exercise. Love to give kisses.
Will lift your mood. Good with car traveling. Good comforter.
Good to bring in daily activities They are happy to be at your side. Will make you laugh
You will never be home alone. You can bug it and it stay nice. Protect family member.
Extremely attach to his family. Not aggressive Always happy to see you.
Make your family bounding. Will sense your feelings.